Surveillance Reports

Provide us the details of your hard earned property & Nazar Rakho will keep a watch for you. Nazar Rakho sends reports, images and videos of your property periodically.

Easy Manage

With our fast, fluid and responsive control panel, you can organize records of your property with photos, videos and much more. It's just so easy.

Near By Development

We also provide details of the projects and schemes around your location, so you can evaluate the worth of you property.

Property Value Trends

Get price trends of land at your location. Buy more or sell, our team will assist you.

About Us

Nazar Rakho is a venture that serves as a watchdog for those who are keen to protect their valuable property situated in india. It is a portal that is dedicated to provide one stop solution to the needs of every resident and non resident Indians by ensuring the security of their unoccupied properties. It provides vetted professionals who will personally visit your vacant commercial or residential property very frequently to keep an eye on any encroachments, damages or any other fraudulent activity. Giving you the peace of mind is our objective while you are far away from your beloved properties. We have designed an array of tailor made surveillance services that caters to varieties of properties in an efficient and custom made manner. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

Our Mission

Nazar Rakho believes in providing real value based services along with high quality surveillance solutions to those who have invested in Indian property market. We constantly strive for developing answers to those problems which arise due to volatile property market. Our aim is to build strong relationships with our clients who are looking for someone they can rely upon while they are miles away from their valuable properties.

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